Who are we

Young and energetic brains from various field together has developed the company from ground zero with the background of ancestral knowledge and expertise in world of food and agricultural technology

What we do

Hydroponic greenhouse farming Hydroponic shipping container farming Aquaponic commercial farming
Hydroponic folder systems Hydroponic backyard kits Hydroponics and aquaponics consultancy
Hydroponics and aquaponics education Mushroom commercial farming Mushroom tabletop harvest

Our Vision

The company is led by passion and motivation by the leaders and are in pursuit of excellence in farming techniques and innovation at reachable cost and resources  spas aspires to bring hydroponics and aquaponics to the kitchens of every healthy family around the globe

Our Mission

The spas is in constant research and development of indoor farming and have successfully implemented few technologies to have food sustainably and food security globally

Please e-mail us, if you need a Call/WhatsApp +971526745330 or e-mail from our engineering team info@studpac-as.com