Our strength lies in the breadth and depth of our technical expertise which enables us to
provide practical solutions to the most complex challenges for clients in the urban farming sector.

Our Expertise

Stud Pac Aquatic Solutions (SPAS) is a Global Award Winning Advanced Agro-Engineering and Farm Automation Company based in UAE having rich experience in all related technologies in Urban Agriculture Systems and Practices.
We have positioned ourselves at the forefront in the development of hi-tech farming. Stud Pac’s Specialized Core team has over 150 years of collective global experience. Our experienced team comprised of Professional Growers, Horticulturists, Agricultural Engineers, Botanists, Biologists, Farm Architects, MEP Engineers, System Design Engineers, Crop Management Specialists, RDI Engineers, Training Faculties etc., who are working with a passion to implement the latest technological innovations in an economical and commercial way, which will enable the farmers to make their concepts in to reality.

What we do

Vertical Indoor Hydroponics Farm Automated Portable Hydroponic Shipping Container Farms Sustainable Hydroponics Greenhouse Solutions
Automated Portable Hydroponic Fodder Container Systems Aquaponic Commercial Farms Urban Farming Consultancy
Training Programs in Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aquaculture and Green House Solutions Mushroom Commercial Farms Project Management in Vertical Hydroponic Farms, Aquaponics, Aquaculture and Green House Solutions

Our Vision

The company is led by passion and motivation by its leaders and is in constant pursuit of excellence in advanced farming techniques and innovation. StudPac aspires to increase the provision of goods and services from agriculture and fisheries in a sustainable manner. Thereby striving towards a greater goal, that being achieving global food security, eliminating poverty, and sustainable management and utilization of natural resources.

Our Mission

StudPac has been at the forefront of research and development towards sustainable agriculture. We strive towards defining concepts, strategies, programmes and developing products and systems that contribute towards Global Sustainable Development in Food and Agricultural sector.

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