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Animal Fodder System

Stud Pac Aquatic Solutions (SPAS) is an Advanced Agro Engineering and Farm Automation Company based in Dubai having rich experience in all related technologies in Agriculture

Our Expertise

Our experienced team includes Agricultural Engineers,Botanists,Biolgists,Farm Architects and MEP Engineers are working more in a passion to upgrade the innovations in a economical and commercial way which will enables the farmers to make concepts in to reality.

Automated Hydroponic Fodder System

Our Automated Hydroponics Fodder System will provide 365 Days Fodder Grass Production.We have Ready Fit Plug and Play units which is from 100 KG Fodder Grass Per day capacity to 1500 KG per day Grass Fodder Production . Not only this Ready fit units we can do any size of commercial production irrespective of indoor or outdoor. We have our advanced technolgy for producing grass fodders with highest quality yields via using all UV Disinfectant systems, Cartridge Filters,Reverse Osmosis Units , Automated Environment Control systems with Customised Spectrum Grow lights etc. We never compromised on quality because we are much concern about farmers more than money and we want them to deliver the best to world . We believes that Agriculture is the Future.

System Features

  • Automated UV Disinfectant System (Efficient disinfects ways protect from pathogenic organisms,mould,bacteria and algae under control,reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals )
  • Clean and Clear Plus Cartridge filters (Injection folded tank,balanced hydraulic flow,air relief valves and 100% drain clean out port)
  • Super Flow High Performance Filter Pump (Extremely quiet operation, Integral volute and pot reduce hydraulic noice )
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO)
  • Automated Climate Control Systems
  • Auto Controlled Customised Spectrum High Efficient LED Grow lights specially designed for Sprouting.
  • Auto Airflow
  • Specially developed 360 Degree High Pressure Nozzles with auto controlled Injection system
  • Sector Isolation Electric Valves which makes sure the year round production.
  • Easy washing and cleaning design
  • Integrated Master Control Panel
  • Auto fill water tanks and dry run protection

Usage : Automatic sprout alfalfa, barley,corn,wheat grass etc for livestock.

Sprout time : 5-7 days

Sprout method : Automated Hydroponic Way

Capacity : 100 Kilo Grams to 1500 Kilo Grams Per Day

Note- Any production capacity units are available as per requirement.

Benefits :

  • Fully Automatic System
  • 365 Days Production Capacitly
  • Minimal requirements of time, water, electricity, and space.
  • The grass sprout by this system is fresh, green, organic and non-polluted. It is better for the animal to digest and absorb and reduces the risks of illness.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Plug and Play Operation

Nutrient Analysis of various forages

Feed Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) Protein Energy MJME/kg DM
Barley Sprouts 78.4 16.7 11.8
Rye Grass Hay 68 10.4 10.3
Alfalfa 60 18 9
Barley Grain 84 13.5 12.7

Vitamin analysis based on 6-day grass samples (mg/kg DM)

VITAMIN E 7.4 62.4
BOITIN 0.16 0.15

What should be the capacity of the system?

The number and type of animals in your farm should be deciding factor.

If you prepare your ration to use the green feed at the maximum level, the daily average consumption according to animal types will be as follows.

  • Diary bull: 10-25kg/day/animal
  • Cattle livestock: 5-10kg/day/animal
  • Ovines(sheep, goats): 2-3kg/day/animal
  • Horse form: 10-20kg/day/animal

Training and ongoing site support:

   Training of operators:

Initial training of operators in UAE is undertaken as part of the installation process at no additional charge to the client. Ongoing training and support can also be provided afterward as part of follow-up site visits made by SPAS personnel at extra cost.

    Warranty ; One year from the date of Installation and 10 years After Sales Support

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