What is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture or Aqua Farming is the farming of aquatic organisms like fish, mollusks, aquatic plants, and crustaceans. Commercial Aquaculture involves cultivating of freshwater as well as saltwater populations in controlled conditions. This can be compared to the commercial fishing which is to harvest of the wild fish. Generally speaking, the association of aquaculture for shellfish and finfish fisheries is similar to the agriculture relation of gathering and hunting.

Commercial Aquaculture

The Aquaculture means farming of the aquatic organisms like fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and aquatic plants. Aquaculture Commercial implies several forms of interventions with the rearing procedure to improve production like regular feeding, stocking, protection from the predators, etc. Aquaculture Companies in Dubai provides very small part of shellfish and fish, consumed by the humans. In recent aquaculture practices, products from different wild fish ponds are used for producing one pound piscivorous fish including salmon.

Aquaculture in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is looking outside its main resource of income, oil and they have opened their waters to the foreign capital for investments and supporting its aquaculture.

Beyond what might be seen during the exhibitions, the events highlighted Aquafarming Dubai . Actually, the Ministry of Environment & Water in Dubai has reaffirmed to a lot of traders, investors, experts, and delegates of the Aquaculture Dubai , the commitment of supporting international projects, initiatives, and inventive Aqua Farming Tips aimed to shelter the environment, mainly in efforts of making sure the maintenance of water sources. For the development of Aquaculture Farm Dubai , intelligent leadership of the Government is required to help achieve the goals of the UAE Government of making superior progress, innovation and excellence in different environmental fields till Year 2021.

The Authority has mentioned that the Ministry of Environment & Water is helping Aquaculture Companies in UAE to organize different events with the main objective of establishing an unyielding public-private association for the aquaculture industry development.