We are continuously working on improving our standards and supporting framework by associating with scientists, conservation groups, NGOs, aquaculture producers, seafood processors, retail and foodservice companies and consumers to recognize and strive towards operational excellence in establishing responsible aquaculture systems, processes, and projects. 

The world’s population is growing, and with it, the demand for fish protein is quickly surpassing sustainable natural fish production.

The team at StudPac is a highly qualified group of professionals that approach aquaponics with innovative and adaptable designs, consistent project management protocols, the highest level of customer integration. We offer both complete aquaponic system packages, and consulting services that rival the best in the industry.

At StudPac, we take pride in designing and developing aquaponic solutions for our clients and partners. Our systems are modeled on the concept of environmental responsibility through simplicity in design and ease of use. Regardless of its scope or size, every project benefits from our dedication and due diligence.

Considering every design to be unique, generally, our designs adapt to local conditions, use locally-available materials, and respect local customs and traditions. We engage local business and local suppliers to facilitate the successful completion of projects and use our own materials if and when possible. We believe this is key to our successful model, as it not only supports local businesses but also facilitates the ease of maintenance and repairs.


Consulting Services for Commercial Projects

Design and Planning

The StudPac consulting team offers a comprehensive technical and business planning package to all clients. We evaluate the site conditions and relevant business prospects and offer a variety of system options and adaptations before finalizing the optimal design. Following are the list of services available through StudPac in the planning stage:

  • Site Evaluation & Planning
  • Engineering Specification Design
  • Commercial Business Plan
  • Custom 3D Modeling
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Material Procurement Support

Engineering and Construction

At StudPac we believe in an on-site, hands-on approach. We make our top engineers available for onsite support during the construction and build phases offering key insight into site-specific construction techniques to provide long-term system stability. Depending on project circumstances, we are able to either build or subcontract the construction phase. StudPac technical staff will be on site to direct and supervise the construction process including;

  • Construction – Work Plan Development
  • Site Preparation Supervision
  • Construction Supervision
  • Plumbing, Electrical and Trades Supervision

 System Conditioning

The most complex part of initiating any aquaponic system, “conditioning” determines the health of a young system and sets the course for a flourishing future. StudPac engineers have, through experimental research and development, created an effective technique to condition new systems. Our approach ensures an accelerated growth from young system to full-fledged production.

  • Bacterial Culture Initiation
  • Nutrient Cycling
  • Water Quality Management

Biome Preparation

The Biome represents the lifeline of any aquaponic system providing the ecozone for the various micro and macro habitats that facilitate an aquaponic ecosystem.

  • Organic Seed Starting
  • Fish Species Selection
  • Seedling Transplant
  • Biome Population
  • Fish Acclimatization
  • Hatchery Facilitation (Optional)

System Commissioning

We implement a special step by step program for planning and maintaining the balance of nutrients by keeping the fish and plant population in sync through the cycles of seeding and harvest. For this purpose, it becomes essential for all our prospective clients to understand the various steps involved in successful planning, implementation, managing and troubleshooting of a healthy aquaponic system. We offer a comprehensive on-site training as part of our services, for maintenance personnel and project owners. Remote support after commissioning is also made available to all projects as requested.

  • Maintenance Personnel Training
  • Seed & Harvest Planning
  • Plant & Fish Nutrition
  • Fruiting and Pollination
  • Water Quality Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Error Minimization
  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Certification Assistance
  • Documentation & Handover


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