Bacteria are like a good beacon on a bad day. They aren’t all bad but indeed there are some Bacteria that are necessary both for humans and animals to survive in the circle of life. These bacteria are so small that they could be seen only through a microscopic and remain are unseen hope when diseases or any other terrestrial attack takes place in our system.

These bacteria’s are also called with another name “Probiotics”, in other words, friendly bacteria. The most wonderful job a hobbyist can do is to maintain his tank with good bacteria. Bacteria’s find their way through gravels or substrates and enter the aquatic life without causing any disturbance to anyone be it the fishes or the plants. We all might wonder why are bacteria’s needed for a splendid aquatic life? The answer to everyone’s question is as follows:

The waste of fishes, residues and other wastes that accumulate in the tank, enhance the growth of good bacteria. These bacteria combine together to form Ammonia. Another huge aquarium cycling process takes place that converts ammonia to nitrite, nitrite to nitrate and so on. All these result as toxic material to fish and endanger the very aquatic life.

Nitrogen Cycle:

Nitrogen is a necessary element needed for any living thing. It serves as an engineer in building blocks of life. The building blocks of life being protein and DNA. Adding to it, it happens to be the essential element in producing Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the substance used by plants for photosynthesis. On the whole, nitrogen is much needed for our survival.

Like a black sheep in every flock, not all nitrogen compounds are the same. Nitrogen isn’t found in nature as single atoms. Instead, it takes various forms such as ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3), nitrous oxide (N2O), nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen gas (N2). And, not all of these forms are harmless. Ammonia in water is deadly for fish and plants, which is why controlling this cycle in water is so important.

An example of the harmful aspects of Ammonia is Tank syndrome. This syndrome shadows the death of fishes after starting up a new aquarium. It is evident that the presence of ammonia has caused the mysterious death of fishes. The only possible way to prevent this from happening is by adding bacteria that can transform the harmful ammonia to less harmful nitrogen-containing molecules.

This ammonia is not only harmful to fishes but also to the plants present in the Aquaponic system. With a weekly change of water and cleaning of graves on a regular basis, the growth of the unwanted bacteria can be eradicated and the good bacteria can enhance a better aquatic life for the fishes. The good bacteria feed on the waste of fishes and in return they make the aquatic environment more ammonia free and attractive for onlookers.

The factors that constituent to amount of bacteria in your tank is as follows:

  • The amount of bacteria food (fish waste) available for the bacteria to consume and grow on.
  • The availability of solid surface area for the bacteria to colonize and mobilize themselves.
  • The quantity of oxygen available for the bacteria to consume when processing the fish waste (this is in addition to that needed by the fish and plants, which is a mandatory need for oxygen).
  • The maintenance of water level on the whole.
  • The ability of the water to dissipate the bacteria’s own waste.
  • The water flows in the aquarium.
  • And the availability of these things in the due course of time.



A Guide for Starters:

When deciding to start an aquarium, it is essential to have these bacteria in the first place from the beginning in order to prevent the structuring of ammonia. Stable populations of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria take up to four weeks to produce and develop if additional bacteria are not added to your aquatic life. In this time frame, owners of new aquariums and hobbyist could rely on frequent water changes to keep ammonia levels down and controllable. But with the advancement in science and technology, an option of buying a pre-prepared mix of beneficial bacteria would be safer and save a lot of time.

Another problem that goes hand in hand with a new aquarium, can encounter as a result of a poor nitrogen cycle is algae blooms. On the upper most part of the aquarium, algae will consume dangerous ammonia along with nitrites and nitrates. On the below, it can completely take over a tank or pond if not controlled, which only encourages the release of more ammonia with the death of algae. The best defense and remedy is to make sure that you have good populations of nitrification and denitrification bacteria in place so that excess nitrogen is released into the atmosphere.

With the increased interest in the aquatic life, renowned people across the globe have made advancement in the art of maintaining an Aquatic life. Beneficial bacteria can be bought in various forms, shapes, and sizes from anywhere. Bacteria’s are living components too. They too like fishes and plants deserve and require are care. Recycling and cleaning should be done on a periodical basis to enhance the growth of the good bacteria.