Cycling is one of the critical processes which are essential for all living beings. It is also the process of establishing some nitrifying bacteria in your Aquaponics System to keep your fish activity strong and fit. The nitrogen cycle is one of the important and crucial keys which help you to make sure that your aquarium and fish are fit and healthy. Understanding the role of the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium is important. There are a number of components of Nitrogen and its compounds, some of them are toxic for fishes and other creatures in the tank.



In Aquarium the Ammonia will enter through your fish’s natural excrement and respiration process that may create a highly poisonous condition in your tank. To overcome these toxins the nitrifying bacterial colonies can be used in converting the ammonia which is less toxic in nature. The process of attaining a strong and healthy level of bacterial breakdown and removal of the nitrogen in the aquarium is known as the nitrogen cycle.

The ammonia which is harmful either comes from the waste of fish so using bacteria which will help in changing the nitrites into nitrates. To conduct the nitrogen cycle in your new Aquaponics systems use Ammonia Test Kit, a source kit, and a Nitrite/ Nitrate Test Kit to check the level of nitrogen in the system.


Nitrogen Cycle in Aquarium

The nitrogen cycle in Aquaponics is same as in nature. Fish creatures in their water system produce waste that is later converted into harmless nitrogen compounds which are not harmful to the water system living components. This process of conversion from one product to another is called as the nitrification cycle or cycling in Aquaponics -speak. Cycling simply refers to the process of converting ammonia to nitrite that later on gets converted it to nitrate with the help of nitrifying bacteria.

In a fresh new tank, the ammonia levels will alter as the nitrite bacteria take times to start the process in the new tank. The bacteria start the process once the nitrite is present in significant amounts. These are 2 different words, nitrite, and nitrate which may be a lit bit confusing. To understand them clearly it’s good to know that Nitrite is a biological waste that helps in the breakdown of the product and converts it to nitrate. This process somehow starts in 20-40 days. The elevated the temperature of the system the faster the cycle will start. A temperature beneath 70 F will take a longer time to start the cycle that can take often leads to a shorten life span.

To avoid any type of complexity later it’s good to perform fishless cycling, as soon as possible. Use pure ammonia which has no additives because it can damage the fish. With the help of a dropper drop Ammonia in the tank and then take test kit to test for Ammonia, Nitrate pH, and Nitrite. It’s essential to keep the tank well oxygenated because the bacteria require oxygen to grow. Be aware of contaminations and check the levels on regular basis.