Come explore the wide variety of farming activities, feed the animals, pick fresh vegetables in StudPac Farm Tour


About the Tour

We offer exclusive behind the scenes look at the inner workings of Stud Pac Super Farm situated at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

This year promises a unique experience with the inclusion of a wide variety of activities as well as a range of interesting farming practices, such as:

• Hydroponic Cultivation in Advanced Green Houses
• Aquaponics/Aquaculture
• Organic Live Stock Farming
• Hydroponic Strawberry Cultivation
• Hydroponic Micro Greens Cultivation

In keeping with the mission of Sustainable Agricultural Practices to encourage responsible growth, ensure access to local food, and establish a healthy environment for all communities, the StudPac Farm Tour connects consumers with most modern urban agricultural farming, practicing farm stewardship and sustainability. The goals of the tour are to strengthen relationships within our growing farming community and to bolster support for our local food nexus.

“We seek to engage a diverse sampling of farms to give the community an engaging immersioninto the local agricultural economy- and have some fun!” said De Wet Van Der Westhuizen, Director of StudPac Farming Technologies & Corporate Training

Please tell us about your group and the goals and interests of its members. We will be pleased to provide you, free of charge, with preliminary consultation, a suggested itinerary, and our pricing.