Studpac Aquatic Solutions provides a full Commercial Hydroponics Business Plan and Hydroponic Gardening service. The system is fully re-circulation which means it is a very resource well-organized rising method. The nutrient solution is recycled and preserved, and only a small amount of rising media is required per plant compared to media based systems. Our hydroponic gardening systems are carefully intended and can be modified to suit all climates and crop types.

We are not involved with commercial hydroponics supplies, floating raft systems or other variation of hydroponic systems. Studpac Aquatic Solutions can plan and supply commercial growing and Hydroponics Gardening systems to fit an existing project or we can provide a turn-key system comprise of a commercial hydroponics, greenhouse and climate control.

For farmers lived in distant countries we also offer an online shopping and design service which allows farmers to source excellent work and quality equipment locally and Studpac Aquatic Solutions supplies the professional equipment only such as gullies, dosing control system and system accessories. This keeps shipment costs down for the farmer and can make the overall project more reasonable. So, feel free to contact us for affordable plans of hydroponics gardening.