Stud Pac implements modern farming practices and management processes to make projects profitable and successful in challenging environments. We provide tailored-made solutions, supporting all management levels. Stud Pac can operate at any stage of your Urban Farming Project: from early project identification to upgrading ongoing operations. We ensure thorough project analysis for strategic decision making, comprehensive project design, efficient installation of urban farm assets. We finally secure delivery of optimum yields for most commercial crops at the best quality resulting in the highest value for your harvests.
We provide essential support to your urban farming enterprise, optimizing your assets: water, human resources, equipment, and inputs. We make sure that your project is fully integrated with its environment while taking the best out of it. Costs are minimized, yields are optimized, depreciation controlled, and capacity building of your staff is promoted.
Stud Pac implements modern farming practices and management processes to make projects profitable and successful in challenging environments. Through a personalized commitment to each project, we believe we strengthen the current community of farmers and entrepreneurs and contribute to urban food security. Our job is to jumpstart your knowledge of urban agriculture, help you navigate barriers to entry, make connections, and mitigate risk.
Our consulting services are backed by several years of operations data and a team of experienced growers, engineers, and sustainability managers.


Large-Scale Urban Farming requires important investment and specific organization, from corporate management to field operations. Ascertaining the forecast profitability at the onset of the project is a key factor of success for the investors’ strategy. STUD PAC provides qualified expertise and audit services to support your decision-making process including
– Strategic development planning
– Financial engineering and fundraising support
– Evaluation and monitoring of operations
– Organization, recruitment and HR training


Your ideas can be validated. In this stage, we identify market needs. Based on the location and type of farm you’ve selected, our Lead Researcher will connect with farms, supermarkets, and distribution centers to establish accurate data on such things as price points, and customer preferences. Here we identify local trends, visit stores, talk to customers, and speak with focus groups. By the end of this stage, you will have a report of comprehensive data.


It’s better to know before you grow. We offer feasibility studies for vertical farms, greenhouses, and other urban agriculture projects. Production strategy results from a combination of site potential and market requirements. In line with the investor, STUD PAC shapes technical and financial master plan to reach production targets within the best time frame.
STUD PAC feasibility study (Business Plan) is a critical tool to define your project development phases and to secure external financing.
Master plan and project phasing
Civil works layout, operating equipment list
Urban Farm infrastructure design
Crop production plan and rotation
Organizational chart and HR requirements
Business Plan and Cash-flow


Your ideas matter. In this stage, we develop your concept and identify your goals. Our Concept Designer will walk you through budget setting, types of farms, and customers. Here we empower you with numbers, initial modeling, brainstorming, and collaboration. By the end of this stage, you will have a clear concept of the details and scope of your project.


Your ideas can be built. In this stage, we develop the design and installation plan for your project. Our Design Engineer will develop a 3D model, bill of materials, including plumbing, electrical, layout, HVAC, processing, and distribution needs. Here we identify the ideal design given site specifications and product type. By the end of this stage, you will have a complete design model and implementation plan for your project.


Your ideas can become a sustainable business. In this stage, we create an economic model for your farm. Our Global Food Security Director will assemble an economic analysis including ROI, payback estimates, operational, and capital costs. Here we identify key elements that can be used in your business plan and pitch deck for investors. By the end of this stage, you will have an economic model that is viable (we will keep working until we identify a viable model).


Your ideas can be realized. In this stage, we provide recommendation and assessment overviews. Our Projects Director will provide you with a timeline, critical next steps, and a final report with all the findings from previous stages. By the end of this stage, you will have a complete and clear action plan to realize your project.


Launching the production as quickly as possible is a key factor of success for capital-intensive projects. STUD PAC provides critical support for staffing technical and managerial positions to ensure the successful rooting and development of each project, with adequate training of farm staff.
Choosing STUD PAC for developing your project is the best insurance for meeting deadlines and alleviating risks.
– Sourcing suppliers, analyzing and selecting quotations
– Quality control of infrastructure installation
– Timely recruitment and training of human resources
– Monitoring water testing and analysis
– Fine tuning of first crop installation


STUD PAC provides short-term consultancy services for assessment of on-going operations and delivers related rehabilitation plans, optimizing farm organization, technical management practices, and economic profitability.
– Analysis of yield and crop quality
– Evaluation of fixed and variable production costs
– Comparison of actual vs. forecast budget, profitability assessment, and cash-flow improvement
– Technical analysis of equipment suppliers ensuring that service delivery KPIs are met
– Presentation of all findings to the investor including recommendations, action plan and risks mitigation


Profitability heavily depends on farm and crop management practices. Best use of inputs and other resources is critical to maximizing profit and project integration in the local environment.
– STUD PAC provides technical and management staff, on-the-job training and supports local teams for highest performance of all farm divisions.
– Management of farm sections: crop, irrigation, workshop and maintenance, warehouse, administration
– Planning and supervision of operations: crop operations plan, rotation, irrigation, fertilization, harvest, storage
– Training managers and operators
– Budget preparation, monitoring P&L margin and reporting to stakeholders