Leafy Grow Machine

We are very proud to say that we are the One and an Only company which producing A Mobile Farm with 3200 Lettuce Per Month. It’s not a myth or rocket science, but we designed and engineered the system which is similar to be a super specialty caring center for plants.

After a long years research and developments and trail and errors, that we invented the amazing crop machine which can yield 3200 lettuce per month that’s more than an Acre soil production.

Worldwide our customers are happy to produce as a Business Module, Unfortunately, at the moment we are not providing the leasing options but hope it will be soon.

Our Grow Machines are not just producing Lettuce, we have a variety of machines that can produce lettuce, micro greens mix, Straw Berry and Berry Machine, Mushroom Machine etc.And we welcome the customisations according to clients needs, any specifications, any size, any quantity are welcome.

We believe in quality not just supply the system and we are providing 1-year warranty and lifelong after sales services.Our system is not just generating you the business, we are helping the community to become sustainable and reduce carbon footprints via you.

A 40 feet Container Farming producing 38400 lettuce a year, 365 days of production irrespective of outside weather. Our machines are really not caring to see your native is snow or hot.

We are achieving these results by creating the below environment for a plant inside the Shipping Container Farm

 Shipping Container Farm (Grow Machine) Features
  • Fully automated system
  • 90% water saving
  • 80% Fertilisers Saving
  • 70% Labour Saving
  • Affordable in any climate situation.
  • Automated UV Disinfectant System (Efficient disinfects ways protect from pathogenic organisms, mold, bacteria and algae under control, reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals )
  • Clean and Clear Plus Cartridge filters (Injection folded tank, balanced hydraulic flow, air relief valves and 100% drain clean out port)
  • Super Flow High-Performance Filter Pump (Extremely quiet operation, Integral volute, and pot reduce hydraulic noise)
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO)
  • Automated Climate Control Systems
  • Auto Controlled Customized Spectrum High Efficient LED Grow lights specially designed for `Lettuce and Greens
  • Auto Airflow
  • Specially developed auto PH EC controlled Injection system
  • Sector Isolation Electric Valves that makes sure the year round production.
  • Easy washing and cleaning design
  • Integrated Master Control Panel
  • Auto fills water tanks and dry run protection
  • Automated CO2 sensor and supply system
  • Automated humidity controller
  • Airocede filterless air filtration ( NASA Technology)
  • Automated fertigation control system


Please e-mail us, if you need a Call/WhatsApp +971526745330 or e-mail from our engineering team info@studpac-as.com