Stud Pac, a leader in the Urban Farming Sector and Pioneer in the field of Portable Container Hydroponic Modules in Middle East, has announced that its Board of Directors approved a Lease and Buy Back Program (LBB) pursuant to which Stud Pac will repurchase their Urban Farming Project Modules at the same exact cost after the specified tenure period.

Under the LBB program, customers will be having a choice to lease back their Urban Farming Project Modules to Stud Pac at pre-agreed Lease amount based on the respective modules they own. Not only that, customers will have a buy-back guarantee from Stud Pac to purchase back the Agricultural Project Modules at the same exact cost at which they bought from StudPac.

Stud Pac has currently offered LBB program for 3 of their prime Urban Farming Project Modules with assured Leasing returns between 14-21% based on specific Agricultural Project Modules and a 100% Buy Back Guarantee.

Modules under LBB Program are;

    1. Hydroponic A Stands for Leafy Greens
    2. Hydroponic Shipping Container Farm (Leafy & Micro Green)
    3. Sustainable Mushroom Production Modules

Rahul Babu, Director of R&D and Innovation, stated: “Our commitment and focus remains on contributing towards ‘National Food Security and Sustainable Growth in Agriculture Sector.’We are passionate about urban farming and believe in long-term partnerships with our clients”.

“We want to be part of a durable value generation for each project, and meet client expectations by ensuring maximum assured returns from Urban Farming: said Dinesh Ethiraj, Director and Head of Business and Global Food Security.

De Wet Van Der Westhuizen, Director of Urban Farming Technologies & Corporate Training, emphasised: “We strive towards creating profitable and sustainable farms, ensuring the responsible utilization of water, careful nurturing of natural resources and detailed monitoring of all crop inputs. We are focusing towards the best integration of local communities within the project environment to ensure the ultimate benefit to our clients and society”.

“LBB program affords us the flexibility to be opportunistic in our capital and resources allocation strategy. More importantly, though, the program offers an opportunity for us to reiterate our confidence in the strength and future growth potential of Agricultural sector as well as in the Sustainable growth of StudPac to our valued clienteles” said Nidhin K Narayanan, Director of Projects & Operation.