Light in everyone’s life can contribute to a huge change. Likewise the same happens when it comes to the Aquaponics System. When you’re habitat has an insufficient amount of natural sunlight then it becomes necessary to substituent the light with another source. An artificial light with the adequate requirement could be a help to boost your aquaponics system.

Have you selected the correct grow light?

With the advancement in technology and the growth in aquaponics science, it becomes mandatory for us to equip ourselves with the relevant sources and do the best we can maintain a healthy aquaponics system.

Do you really require grow lights?

The fish and bacteria in your aquaponics system don’t rely on sunlight.The bacteria in the system grow best in the darkness of the grow bed, and lighting the fish tank may lead to algae blooms. Light is imperative, however, for plants to survive.

If you are growing outdoors in a greenhouse you may just need to supplement light in the winter, or not at all. But if you are indoors you will need to purchase grow lights. Fortunately, there are many excellent options available to Indoor gardeners today, from compact fluorescent to High-Intensity Discharge (HID) to LEO’s to Induction and Plasma fixtures.Every situation arises and we act accordingly based on the circumstances. There are two major circumstances that the need for a grow light arises.They include:-

Habitat: When you live in a place where there is the insufficiency of space then it becomes mandatory and compulsory to grow your plants inside or either in the garden on your terrace. When you’re forced to grow your plants inside, your plants are deprived of the necessary light they need to grow and survive in a healthy environment. At this juncture, it becomes mandatory to feed your plants with the necessary light and nutrients as a substituent for natural sunlight.

Natural calamities: Any system can change depending on the climatic conditions of the environment. We can hear you wondering what to do if you’re in a land of snow and mist then it is essential to boost your aquaponics system with the required grow lights.




If either one of these situations arises then it becomes mandatory to add them to your aquaponics system. After a crucial decision, your dilemma is which light do I use for my aquaponics system? Each and every light used for the system has to be carefully picked and cross-checked to avoid any further damages. There are various ways to check which light would suit your system. But the most prominent way is by using a light spectrum. The colours in the spectrum and their advantages:

Visible light: The very word “visible” is obvious itself. As individuals, any visible light is termed as “photosynthetic active radiation”. Being easily visible, it is evident that this is the most essential and natural way your plants receive light.

Blue light: When your plants get dull and cease to survive then it is necessary to use a blue light that enhances the plant’s green foliage stage. This light initiates the growth so that the plants produce oxygen and circulate it for a better aquaponics system.

White light: White lights are saviours when your sun is hiding among the clouds. These lights are direct substituents for sunlight as they contain the equivalent energy source and nutrients needed for plant growth.

Red light: These lights are used when the plants are fruiting. It encourages the growth of the plant and the young fruits as they venture into the aquaponics system.

The very idea of combining edible plants and fishes into one world is a masterpiece of nature. LED grow lights have been valuable contributors to an aquaponics system. With the absence of infrared light in LEDs, reduces the chances of dehydration in plants and maintains humidity. Blue lights prevent the entry of pests and other unwanted organisms into the system. Once you have decided with the lights you are going to introduce into your system make sure to check the intensity and efficiency of the grow light.




Top five grow lights that we use:

Individuals are very curious about how we get fishes and plants work together and produce a good yield. Here are some of the lights that we use in our indoor aquaponics system to produce the best. The lights we use are as follows:

Hydrofarm FLT24 2ft / 4-Tube T5 Commercial System: These are one of the most recommended hydroponic / aquaponics gardening equipment. They are equipped with high performance, extreme flexibility and a tremendous output in any growing aquaponics system. They produce twice the light energy produced from normal fluorescent systems. It is designed to fit them according to your plans.

iPower Digital Dimmable Grow Light System for Plants – Wing Set: iPower has two bulbs that can be used according to your convenience 1 high-pressure sodium bulb or 2 bulbs either high-pressure sodium bulb or metal halide. They have the option to reduce the light and heat when needed.

TaoTronics® TT-GL05 UFO LED Grow Lights Panel: Taotronics initiates the growth of plants regardless of their stage that they are growing in. It is built on a solid metal sheet with a black powder coat that not only makes it strong but also gives it a good look. Your plant grows healthy and quickly.

Hydrofarm FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System & CFL Bulb: These bulbs are CSA certified with a hanging fixture that keeps it in the required distance to produce heat and light. It produces the bright light that replicates sunlight and its energy in equal proportion.