Media for Aquaponics Systems

Media intends the growth of various microorganisms that help plants to grow in a better manner. You can simply use Aquaponics grow media which is one of the pioneering ways of gardening and differentiates itself from traditional gardening. The gardeners use the normal soil from the earth, as the Aquaponics systems have the ability to replace the properties of the soil.

The nutrient –rich element which you use for your gardening must be immobile, it simply means the culture should not be active, and it should not modify its pH later. This can be the best bio-filter for your Aqua fishes waste and thus helps you in the cleanest system overall. Gardeners mostly use lightweight expanded day aggregate (LECA) for making of their Aquaponics medium. The gardeners prefer LECA as it’s easy to use, porous, and assured inert in nature.

Growing Media

Growing media is playing a crucial role in keeping fish and plants prosperous and growing in aquaponics. This habitat is what help in supporting the plant’s root system strongly and supply plant life with a steady supply of nutrients and moisture. It is important that the habitat which is used must be chemically lifeless, porous, constant and easily replenished. For proper growth of plants, you can use Aquaponic Medias, like expanded clay, coconut husk, expanded slate, gravel perlite, peat moss, Rockwool, and vermiculite. Each medium has its own unique characteristics and advantages in with proportions.

It’s good to keep in mind when planning for an Aquaponic growing bed, the growing medium depth should be about 12 inches. This will give enough depth to plant to support most plant life and to promote an outstanding bacteria development.

Comparison of Aquaponics Growth Media

List of most popular forms of aquaponics media used by gardeners:

  • Expanded Shale is a mined product. The product is pH neutral and has more rounded edges which make it trouble-free to use on the hands and plant roots.
  • Hydroton is also a mined quarry which is imported from Germany. The clay is pH neutral and easy to use but pretty costly.
  • The another type is crushed Stone. It is quite with the pH issue. Although crushed stone is very economical, but it’s too hectic to use due to its sharp edges which will affect plant roots.
  • There are also some synthetic growth cultures which are made from petroleum and are very exclusive as compared to others.

Things Which Media Must-Need

For complete and effective growth of aquaponics system, it must have these things in it:

    • It should not decompose or else the levels of the pH and nutrient will change out of control. It may lead to decomposition of the system.
    • It should not generate anything that will modify the pH water levels both in the long-term and short-term of the time interval.
    • Go for a right size if it is of too small then gets clogged up with solid waste and thus prevent circulation of air and water which is essential for plant’s root zones.

A right media is important for the proper establishment and maintain the system. Use good quality products in your system to make certain the accomplishment of your aquaponics system.