While aquaponic systems take relatively little maintenance,especially compared to hydroponic or aquaculture systems,there are a few key tasks that need to be done regularly.

  • Testing -monitoring systemparameters
  • Temperature -checkeveryday whenyou feedthe fish
  • pH- checka few times a week. Adjust if higher than 7.6orlowerthan6.4
  • Ammonia – check weekly.If above.25 might have a dead fish or a•deadzone•in the grow beds
  • Nitrates- check weekly.If low (below 40},add more fish and/or harvest plants. If high (above 140) harvest fish and/or addmore plants.
  • Other Maintenance
  • Cleanoff theIntakeof the pump when siphons stop firing
  • Clean out any holes in the plumbing usedfor tank aeration as they become clogged
  • Agitate any grow beds that become root bound or have•dead zones’